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Checking the deployability of Multipath TCP

Multipath TCP is a major extension to TCP whose RFC has been published in January 2013. The interactions between Multipath TCP and the various middleboxes that are deployed in various networks have constrained many design choices in Multipath TCP. In some cases, Multipath TCP will fallback to regular TCP to preserve the connectivity in the presence of some middleboxes. The current implementation of Multipath TCP in the Linux kernel supports RFC6824 and includes this fallback mechanism.

To evaluate the ability of Multipath TCP to interact with existing middleboxes, we have developed a test suite that runs on top of our Multipath TCP implementation in the Linux kernel. The kernel runs itself inside a virtualbox image so that it can run on existing Linux and Mac laptops without requiring kernel changes.

The image includes scripts that perform measurements with ftp, http and other standard application-level protocols above Multipath TCP. The script collects all packets sent/received by the virtualbox image and sends them to our servers so that we can check for possible strange middlebox interference. You will have access to the packet traces collected in your network to let you debug possible problems.

To verify the deployability of Multipath TCP in many networks, we sollicit your help. Could you could our test suite from your enterprise/campus network and also at home or at any hotspot that you could use. The more measurements points we have, the better information we'll have to understand the interactions between a real Multipath TCP implementation and middleboxes.

Since our tests use a new TCP extension, they might be considered as suspicious by some firewalls or DPI boxes that are configured with strict rules. If this happens in your network, let us know.


To help us improve our understanding of the middleboxes, please follow

Installation on Mac OS X

Installation on Linux

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