Contributions are very welcome. Either by submitting bug-reports or by submitting patches.

The source-code is available in our public git repository in branch mptcp_trunk. To access it, do:

    git clone --depth=1

  • If you have experience in the Linux Kernel or want to start working in the kernel, your patches are very welcome.
    You can have a look at our bugtracker for a list of open bugs and todo-items. Feel free to contact us on the mptcp-dev Mailing-List and we will help you with your first steps in the MPTCP-kernel.
    Before sending us a patch, please read Patch-submission guidelines.
  • Longterm, we would like to submit MPTCP as an upstream patch. Check out here for a list of ToDo-items.
  • Submitting bug-reports can be done on our bugtracker Please read also the bug-submission guidelines for information on how to submit a bugreport.
  • Non-kernel related tasks also need to be done. E.g., implement MPTCP-support into tcpdump or wireshark. Some testing-scripts,...