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AuthorCommits (%)+ lines- linesFirst commitLast commitAgeActive days# by commits
Christoph Paasch30 (71.43%)4602962018-11-302019-03-27117 days, 17:11:0381
Matthieu Baerts5 (11.90%)1442312019-01-222019-04-1987 days, 3:32:2732
Gregory Detal2 (4.76%)85312019-01-232019-01-230:00:0313
Daniel Weber2 (4.76%)560762019-02-252019-03-058 days, 10:12:5824
Frank LENORMAND1 (2.38%)102019-04-192019-04-190:00:0015
Benjamin Hesmans1 (2.38%)1122019-03-112019-03-110:00:0016
AlexanderFroemmgen1 (2.38%)662018-12-072018-12-070:00:0017

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Author of Month

MonthAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2019-04Matthieu Baerts1 (50.00% of 2)Frank LENORMAND2
2019-03Christoph Paasch23 (92.00% of 25)Daniel Weber, Benjamin Hesmans3
2019-02Daniel Weber1 (100.00% of 1)1
2019-01Matthieu Baerts4 (44.44% of 9)Christoph Paasch, Gregory Detal3
2018-12Christoph Paasch3 (75.00% of 4)AlexanderFroemmgen2
2018-11Christoph Paasch1 (100.00% of 1)1

Author of Year

YearAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2019Christoph Paasch26 (70.27% of 37)Matthieu Baerts, Gregory Detal, Daniel Weber, Frank LENORMAND, Benjamin Hesmans6
2018Christoph Paasch4 (80.00% of 5)AlexanderFroemmgen2

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DomainsTotal (%)
apple.com30 (71.43%)
tessares.net7 (16.67%)
cs.uni-bonn.de2 (4.76%)
uclouvain.be1 (2.38%)
google.com1 (2.38%)
gmail.com1 (2.38%)
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