MPTCP v0.90 Release

The MPTCP v0.90 release is based on the Linux Kernel Longterm Support release v3.18.x. Its new features compared to the v0.89 release are:

  • MPTCP Balia congestion control by Jaehyun Hwang and Anwar Walid (Bell Labs).
  • TCP Fastopen support for Multipath TCP - draft-barre-mptcp-tfo (Gregory Detal and Sébastien Barré)
    By using the same TFO-API as for regular TCP, you will be able to send data together with the SYN-segment.
  • Improved support for TCP socket-options (e.g., TCP_CONGESTION by Gregory Detal)
    You can now correctly configure the congestion-control of the subflows by using the TCP_CONGESTION socket-option.
  • Support for stateless connection establishment (aka TCP SYN-Cookies)
    Busy webservers can now use SYN-cookies to protect against SYN-flooding attacks.
  • Addition of MIB/SNMP counters for statistics-tracking and debugging
    Monitor the state of your MPTCP-host by looking at the statistics with "netstat -s" (use of our own net-tools package is required)
  • The usual performance improvements and bug-fixes.
  • Lots of cleanup from Octavian Purdila and his team at Intel (Doru Gucea,...)

This release has seen a total of 112 commits.

Get it!

MPTCP v0.90 is available through git:

  git clone -b mptcp_v0.90 git://

Or, in zip-format through this link.

Raphael Bauduin provided pre-compiled packages for Ubuntu Trusty (amd64) and Debian (amd64 or i386) available in the apt-repository.

For Gentoo there is a manifest available here (provided by David Lebrun).

Other ways of installing MPTCP are shown here.

Reporting Bugs / Asking Questions

Although this is a stable release, bugs may always exist. If you encounter a bug, please contact us on the mptcp-dev Mailing-List.

Feel free to send an e-mail to the mptcp-dev Mailing-List in case you have problems installing or using MPTCP.


Coverity Scan Build Status

0.00 Defect-density in net/mptcp/*


The contributors to this release are (ordered by number of commits):

Christoph Paasch (UCLouvain and Apple)
Gregory Detal (UCLouvain and Tessares)
Kenjiro Nakayama (Red Hat Japan)
Doru Gucea (Intel)
Matthieu Baerts (UCLouvain)
Jaehyun Hwang (Bell Labs and Samsung Electronics)
Sébastien Barré (Tessares)
Savvas Zannettou
Olivier Bonaventure (UCLouvain)
Jorge Boncompte
Christain Pinedo
Have a look here for a more detailed view of all contributors.

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