Patches should be sent to our mptcp-dev Mailing-List. You must respect the submission guidelines of the Linux Kernel. To create and send the git-patch follow this tutorial:

Extract patch(es)

After having locally committed your work, you can create the patch with the following command:

  git format-patch -s -1

If you want to send multiple patches (if they all handle the same feature/issue in the code):

  git format-patch -s -X --cover-letter -o patches

(X == number of patches you want to take, see man git-format-patch for further instructions)

Then, in patches/0000-cover-letter.patch you can edit the "global" message for the patch-series.

Script for an auto-review

It is also recommended to fix issues reported by checkpatch script using this command from the source of the kernel:

  ./scripts/ --max-line-length=100 <PATH/TO/YOUR/PATCH(ES)>

If needed, you can fix your original commits and re-generate the patch(es).

Send patch(es) for review

To then send the patch to the mailing-list, you can use "git send-email"

  git send-email [name of the patch or directory]

See for information on how to configure git send-email. Or just lookup Google for "git send-email configuration".