MPTCP v0.87 Release

The MPTCP v0.87 release is based on Linux Kernel v3.10. Its new features compared to the v0.86 release are:

  • Hardware-offloading support (TSO/LRO) - Done by Gregory Detal
  • TCP zero-copy support (sendfile and splice)
  • Support for NET_DMA
  • Several performance improvements
  • NFS is working properly
  • Middlebox support has been improved
  • Support for TCP-urgent pointer has been fixed - Done by Cristina Ciocan (Intel)

Get it!

MPTCP v0.87 is available through git:

  git clone -b mptcp_v0.87 git://

Or, in zip-format through this link.

Further, there are pre-compiled packages for Ubuntu Raring (amd64) and Debian (amd64 or i386) available in the apt-repository.

Reporting Bugs / Asking Questions

Although this is a stable release, bugs may always exist. If you encounter a bug, please contact us on the mptcp-dev Mailing-List.

Feel free to send an e-mail to the mptcp-dev Mailing-List in case you have problems installing or using MPTCP.


Since the beginning of this project (around 2008), we received many contributions from different people. Here is the exhaustive list (ordered by number of commits).

Sébastien Barré (UCLouvain, now at Thelis)
Christoph Paasch (UCLouvain)
Gregory Detal (UCLouvain)
Jakko Korkeaniemi (Aalto University)
Mihai P. Andrei (Intel)
Fabien Duchêne (UCLouvain)
Andreas Seelinger (RWTH Aachen)
Stefan Sicleru (Intel)
Lavkesh Lahngir
Catalin Nicutar (PUB Bucharest)
Andrei Maruseac (Intel)
Andreas Ripke (NEC)
Vlad Dogaru (Intel)
Octavian Purdila (Intel)
Niels Laukens (VRT Belgium)
John Ronan (TSSG)
Brandon Heller (Stanford University)
Cristina Ciocan (Intel)

Have a look here for a more detailed view of all contributors.

Past Releases

MPTCP v0.86