MPTCP v0.89 Release

The MPTCP v0.89 release is based on the Linux Kernel Longterm Support release v3.14. The v0.89 release has seen the most community-based contributions since the beginning of this project. Its new features compared to the v0.88 release are:

  • MPTCP wVegas congestion control by Enhuan Dong
  • Enable/disable MPTCP through the socket-API:
    You can explicitly disable MPTCP by setting the TCP-socket option "MPTCP_ENABLED" to 0. By default, MPTCP is always enabled. If however, you set the sysctl mptcp_enabled to 2, then, MPTCP is by default disabled and it can be used by setting the socket-option to 1. Keep in mind, that you must set the socket-option before calling "connect" or "listen" on the socket.
  • Proper support for TCP keepalives by Gregory Detal and Christoph Paasch.
  • Binder path manager to integrate MPTCP with Loose Source Routing by Duncan Eastoe
  • A modularized scheduler infrastructure that allows to integrate different schedulers for different use-cases. Check out Configure MPTCP for instructions.
  • Proper support of TCP small-queues (TSQ) and TCP tail-loss probe (TLP)
  • The usual little performance improvements.
  • Cleanup by Octavian Purdila and his team from Intel

This release has seen a total of 210 commits.

Get it!

MPTCP v0.89 is available through git:

  git clone -b mptcp_v0.89 git://

Or, in zip-format through this link.

Further, there are pre-compiled packages for Ubuntu Saucy (amd64) and Debian (amd64 or i386) available in the apt-repository.

Other ways of installing MPTCP are shown here.

Reporting Bugs / Asking Questions

Although this is a stable release, bugs may always exist. If you encounter a bug, please contact us on the mptcp-dev Mailing-List.

Feel free to send an e-mail to the mptcp-dev Mailing-List in case you have problems installing or using MPTCP.


Coverity Scan Build Status

0.00 Defect-density in net/mptcp/*


The contributors to this release are (ordered by number of commits):

Christoph Paasch (UCLouvain)
Octavian Purdila (Intel)
Gregory Detal (UCLouvain)
Cristina Ciocan (Intel)
Kenjiro Nakayama (Red Hat Japan)
Irina Tirdea (Intel)
Niels Laukens (VRT Belgium)
Niels Möller (SouthPole)
Takumi Shinkai
Enhuan Dong
Duncan Eastoe

Have a look here for a more detailed view of all contributors.

Past Releases

MPTCP v0.88
MPTCP v0.87
MPTCP v0.86