MPTCP v0.96 Release

The MPTCP v0.96 release is based on the Linux Kernel Longterm Support release v5.4. Here are its new features compared to the v0.95 release are:

  • Full Support of RFC 8684 (MPTCPv1)
  • ECF scheduler
  • mptcp_enabled sysctl is now a bitfield with two new values:
    • 0x01: Enable MPTCP (globally)
    • 0x02: Disabled, and only can be enabled through the socket-option
    • 0x04: Disable MPTCP on Clients
    • 0x08: Disable MPTCP on Servers
  • Allow using IPPROTO_MPTCP from MPTCP Upstream
  • MIB-counter for subflows on different port-numbers
  • Maintain a "Current Established" counter for MPTCP
  • Support IPV6_TCLASS socket option + full support for IP_TOS and SO_MARK when modified via BPF.
  • mptcp: Aggressively kill closed MPTCP-connections without subflows
  • Dynamic allocation of MPTCP hashtables

This release includes a total of 188 commits.

Note that the kernel v5.4 will be the last one being supported by this MPTCP fork.

We recommend to switch new developments to the Upstream project: it is now mature enough, see website. For production deployments, it is also recommended to use the last stable kernel, at least v6.1.

Get it!

MPTCP v0.96 is available through git:

  git clone -b mptcp_v0.96

Or, in zip-format through this link.

Other ways of installing MPTCP are shown here, notably our Deb packages and the RPM packages.

Reporting Bugs / Asking Questions

Although this is a stable release, bugs may always exist. If you encounter a bug, please contact us on the mptcp-dev Mailing-List.

Feel free to send an e-mail to the mptcp-dev Mailing-List in case you have problems installing or using MPTCP.


The contributors to this release are (ordered by number of commits):

Christoph Paasch (Apple)
Matthieu Baerts (Tessares)
Tim Froidcoeur (Tessares)
Daniel Weber
Benjamin Hesmans (Tessares)
Thibault GĂ©rondal (Tessares)
Frank Lenormand
Gregory Detal (Tessares)
H.J. Lu
ytxing (USTC)

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